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    Elías Jabbe is an award-winning American entrepreneur from California. A native of Los Ángeles, he is a holistic health chef and NCAA- cleared athlete who is fluent in several of the 96 languages spoken in Southern California.
    He launched his Californian Creativity Course for Online Storytelling (CaliCreativityCourse.co) series while gaining global life and work experience in the USA, Latin America, Asia and EMEA.

    The #CaliCreativity Course primarily teaches how to creatively use California-made platforms as a part of successful integrated Marketing Communications, CSR and digital transformation strategies.

    Visit CaliCreativityCourse.co, follow @CaliCreativity on Twitter, fill out the contact form below or ask Siri on your iPhone / Macbook "Who is the founder of the Californian Creativity Course?" to learn more about the new Spring 2022 SoCal Storytelling Strategy #CaliCreativity Course.

    Californian Citations

    Visit my profile on Academia.edu (independent.academia.edu/EliasJabbe) to discover MIT Media Lab projects and my ESG strategy cited by Harvard Business Review:

    Buy the 16-page Harvard Business Publishing Education Case Study by Kathleen L. McGinn and Rachel Gordon in English and Spanish in PDF or Hardcover formats

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    Elias213.com Elias Jabbe 2010 Harvard Business Review citation Indego Africa Los Angeles Regional Board cofounder Matt Mitro Indego Africa Chairman Founder
  • Californian creativity GUIDES (#CaliCreatiVITY)

    Social Media Marketing strategy webinar on YouTube with Paris startup Mention (in French and English) - Francophonie Filming with billion-dollar startup studio eFounders

    SoCal Scents sold at Californian community pop-up shops - 4K UHD videos of post-Parisian parfum via Vimeo #CaliCreativity Channel

  • A short story about my journey, achieving significant goals and Multicultural Marketing (read here)

  • Portfolio, AWARDS and Testimonials

    2008 UWIRE 100 USA Journalism award: details on UWIRE.com, CNN & CBS

    2020 and 2021 PRWeek Powerbook: PRWeek.com details & my interview

    #CaliCreativity Courses (Online Storytelling): Elias213.com/Blog

    Contently Portfolio: Elias213.Contently.com

    Elias213.com Elias Jabbe Contently Portfolio UWIRE 100 IRTS Award MIT Media Lab Harvard Business Review 2010 Case Magazine Moments Online Storytelling Podcast Production CaliCreativityCourse.png


    Elias213.com Elias Jabbe Magazine Moments SoCal Surf West Coast Wavelength Venice Beach California Communicate Ad Age Campaign Podcast Report Digital Decade MIT Borders CaliCreativityCourse.jpg


    Elias213.com Elias Jabbe PRWeek Power Book Top 1 Percent Google Client Global Revenue Workshop London First Californian Coast native named to Power Book award in UK CaliCreativityCourse.co.jpg


  • "Elías served the organization that I founded, Indego Africa, on our Los Ángeles Regional Board. I can confidently say that volunteers like Mr. Jabbe have played a substantial role in the success that Indego Africa has recently experienced, including its selection for a case study by Harvard Business School and its continued financial growth in the face of a recession."
    -Matt Mitro, Indego Africa Founder and Google executive

    "Elías utilized his marketing expertise and French-to-English translation skills to help several French startups gain international visibility and shared with them vital resources in the Silicon Beach Los Ángeles startup community, which he's a very well-connected member of."

    -Olivier Cotinat, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Schoolab Cofounder, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Stanford, ESSEC Paris, École Centrale Paris and UC Berkeley.

    "One of the hard workers, big thinkers and gifted storytellers with potential to shape the media industry in the years ahead. Filled with energy and idealism, fueled by a hunger for new experiences and ideas, with an honor-worthy portfolio, as well as the esteem of colleagues..."
    -Ben French, New York Times Vice President (presenting 2008 UWIRE Top 100 Journalists Award to Elías Jabbe)

    "En mi trabajo de realizador audiovisual, tuve el placer de contar con Elías como negociador frente a diferentes grupos de mass media en USA (New York). Gracias a sus conocimientos del mercado audiovisual y de las relaciones públicas Elías sabe como vender la esencia de un proyecto.

    Puedo decir de él que es una

    persona responsable, trabajadora y honesta."

    -Ivan Castellano, Realizador/Director Cinematográfico, IvanCastellano.com

    "Elias est un excellent traducteur du français vers l'anglais, ce qui est une grand avantage lorsque l'on travaille sa visibilité sur les réseaux sociaux. Il est rare de trouver un profil aussi complet..."
    -Hervé Collignon, Fondateur de HOOKS Innovation

    متميز في اختصاصه وهو مجال التسويق كما انني أحببت التعامل معه خصوصا أنه يحاول داإما ربط العلاقات بين مختلف الجاليات العربية وبناء مجتمعا رياديّا... شكرا إلياس


    مريم بن معلم

    مديرة جامعة اسبري تونس

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