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#StartSomewhere Starter Series #1 (#CaliCreativity Collection)


The concept of "Start Somewhere" for LA Locals is simple - it's never too late or too early to #StartSomewhere when you're ready to invest financially in your SoCal Self.

The Start Somewhere Series shares important resources for doing that - from learning Online Storytelling skills and languages to investing in selfcare through products on the Multinational Menu on Taplink (

Here are several ways you can start right now with new products including pre-ordering the 2022 Online Storytelling Course launching on February 22, 2022.

If your goal in 2022 is to learn Online Storytelling and Podcast Production, signing up for the all-new  #CaliCreativity Course while spots are available is highly recommended.

Click the images of my MIT Media Lab 2016 VR app creation project alongside recommendations from New York Times executive leaders or those featuring Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak and a look at excellent reviews of  an early Californian Creativity Course (2012) at CSUN Latino Journalists Club to learn how to pre-order with PayPal. Elias Jabbe Californian Creativity Course for Online Storytelling Homepage Podcast Production Course Teachable Paid Course.png Elias Jabbe Github Steve Wozniak Apple Computer Cofounder San Jose Los Angeles California computers CSUN Latino Journalists CCNMA Cali Creativity Course Elias Jabbe UWIRE Top 100 Journalists New York Times Ben French Award MIT Media Lab Workshop Dubai IDEO Executive Training VR App Creation Communicate Ad Age CBS News

"One of the hard workers, big thinkers and gifted storytellers with potential to shape the media industry in the years ahead. Filled with energy and idealism, fueled by a hunger for new experiences and ideas, with an honor-worthy portfolio, as well as the esteem of colleagues..." -Ben French, New York Times Vice President (presenting UWIRE Top 100 Journalists Award to Elías Jabbe)

If your goal in 2022 is to learn professional Parisian French that has been proven to raise revenue and reach in Paris and create value for citizens of five IOF (International Organisation of La Francophonie) countries, now offers a new premium Parisian product made for you.

The 90-day Californian Creativity Course for Language Learning "Parler Parisien" that begins in late February 2022 is designed specifically for everyone who studied French in the United States at the high school and university level. It's the only 2022 course you'll need to discover Parisian possibilities (Parisian presentations, Parisian profit, etc.) such as French webinar presenations that your French fluency leads to. Lesson plans in this Californian Creativity course and all other #CaliCreativity courses are completely inspired by real life scenarios involving life, academics and work in Paris.

From teaching Parisian schoolchildren in English to teaching Californian Creativity to Parisian professionals in French as a Parisian poet in real life and on Twitter, every aspect of "Parler Parisien" is based on actual Parisian history with life lessons that can inspire your francophone future. Elias Jabbe Certificat De Langue Et De Civilisation  Françaises - Centre International d'Études Françaises Parisian Professor Algolia Summer 2015 Californian Confidence Los Angeles Native



Pre-order one of the four editions of "Parler Parisien" (standard i.e. Prolific Parisian, Sports Style, Luxe Edition, VIP Edition) and prepare to better understand Parisian French and modern francophone expressions used at work and in Parisian society for every social setting. Elias Jabbe Parisian Professional Actor Film Model HUB Forum Hub Institute 213 Communications LLC Client HUB Forum 2014 Paris
 Elias Jabbe Californian Creativity Course Google For Startups AstroLabs Dubai Online Storytelling Course Viral keynote speaker Post-Parisian Professor Parisien Silicon Valley Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

Pre-order any of the courses with a discount for a limited time until 11:59 PM PST 2/22/22 and share them with anyone you know who wants to learn French during this digital decade.

The product description for this 90-day course that takes 30 minutes a day is available on the SoCal with previous citations by Harvard Business School and research at the prestigious MIT Media Lab. Parler Parisien Language Learning Post-Parisian Global Guide Californian Creativity Course Fast-tracking French CaliCreativity

SoCal Scents

The successful launch at a leading Los Angeles pop-up shop of the first signature SoCal Smart Scent offered by - Californian Confidence Numéro Uno (N°1) - has led to demand for an online ordering option.

Due the strong demand for that scent and other luxury parfums, oudh and incense (Bakhoor) sold at the YOUBE Space popup shop in Los Angeles, those rare imported scents are now being sold on the SoCal Shop.

Visit the shop, learn how to scent your entire wardrobe on the #CaliCreativity Vimeo 4K UHD channel  and enjoy free shipping on any order over $61 in the United States of America. is currently only shipping products within the United States of America.

4K UHD Californian Creativity Vimeo channel - Californian Confidence Numero 1 SoCal Scent LA Luxury Beverly Hills Dubai Paris Los Angeles Californian Confidence Numero Uno 1 Signature SoCal Scent Crystal Rare Incense Breathwork Digital Detox Model Haircare West Coast Wearable Elias Jabbe YOUBE Space Parisian Parfum Pop-up Los Angeles California Nabeel Perfumes Bakhoor Beverly HIlls luxury scent International Interiors Elias Jabbe Post-Parisian Parfums - Nautica Jeans Seine River Nabeel Perfumes Paris France Europe Bakhoor Incense Fragrance



Holistic Health (Hollywood Hills Hiking Habits)

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is through holistic health habits and West Coast Workouts.

Want to #StartSomewhere with your Hollywood Hills Holistic Health routine before your next hike at Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon?

Visit SoCal-headquartered store Trader Joe's to buy Dr. Bronner's Certified Fair Trade Hemp Castille Soap made with organic oils.

Subscribe to the #CaliCreativity Chronicles newsletter to preview the Californian Cookbook before it is sold and discover a free Holistic Health guide for using all-natural products (Dr. Bronner's and CBD lotion). Elias Jabbe Taplink My Multinational Menu Hollywood Hills Beverly Hills.png West Coast Workouts Kinto BPA-free Francophonie Marrakech Ketosis Ketones KETO/OS NAT Heart Tart Better Broth Pruvir Dr. Bronners 18 in 1 Hemp Pepperment Pure Castille Soap Spearmint Eucalyptus CBD Lotion.jpg Elias Jabbe Sendfox Californian Creativity Chronicles Malcolm Gladwell 2013 Pasadena California CaliCreativity

Tax Time (#CaliCreativity Californian Coupon)

American expatriates can use the renowned income tax management platform with roots in California (Silicon Valley) and save 10% using #CALICREATIVITY code this tax season.

 A full guide to using My Expat Taxes along with Google Travel is available on the blog below and on the @MyExpatTaxes Twitter account. Elias Jabbe AARO Association of American Resident Overseas Newsletter 2009 American Library of Paris Sharingbox photo Casablanca Morocco Filmmaker Actor Model


Globally Giving / Championing Causes

Whether distributing water or painting lifeguard towers, giving back is always a beneficial act to consider in order to improve society and make a positive difference.

Environmental and societal needs are being addressed by impactful LA collectives such as Young Nonprofit Professionals Network - Los Angeles and Mujeres De La Tierra - organizers of the Baldwin Hills Restoration below.

Special thanks go to Venice Beach-based nonprofit Portraits of Hope for the chance to model in a training video and paint both the Santa Monica and Venice Beach lifeguard towers near the SoCal surfing spot below in 2010. A favorite Californian childhood beach being improved for a new generation of Californian children is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give back.

The fact that it was the largest arts initiative of its kind throughout the entire United States during the summer of 2010 makes it even more special. Thanks to KPCC radio for covering Portraits of Hope and this historic effort to paint every lifeguard tower on the Californian coast on Airtalk in 2010 on several occasions.

Being able to not only consume, but also create  in our society (as recommended by San Jose, California native and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak below) is one of the benefits of taking on a leadership role in giving back on the Californian coast. Elias Jabbe Californian Creativity Course for Online Storytelling Podcast Production Steve Wozniak Apple Steve Jobs Silicon Valley Los Angeles IDEO Elias Jabbe CSR Champion Post-Parisian Painting Santa Monica Lifeguard Tower 14 Portraits of Hope YouTube Model 2010 CaliCreativity Californian Creativity Course Pacific Ocean ESG


Los Angeles California green community - Mujeres de la Tierra MLK Day of Service Irma R. Muñoz with Elias Jabbe Tree Planting 2013 Elias Jabbe - LA Leadership CSR Corporate Social Responsibility - Water Distribution Skid Row DTLA Downtown Los Angeles Dubai Polo Ralph Lauren UV prescription glasses Calvin Klein 213 Communications LLC on Google My Business.png Elias Jabbe Hollywood Hills quote Griffith Park Communicate Ad Age Q3 2019 Dubai Los Angeles Number One Creative Capital.png

It's never too late or too early to #StartSomewhere during this digital decade.

It's all up to you...and nobody else.

Find your West Coast wavelength. Find your West Coast win.

~Fin~ Elias Jabbe SoCal Surfer Model Athlete NCAA-cleared Westcoast Wunderkind Californian CSR champion Lifeguard Tower Pacific Palisades Borders Campaign Communicate


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