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Online Storytelling #CaliCreativity Course 2/22/22 RSVP

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Due to growing demand for a new version of live paid courses created for Californian clients like Google For Startups (AstroLabs, above), pre-order for the 2022 #CaliCreativity Online Storytelling Course is now open.

Join 200+ global students who have requested and attended Californian Creativity Courses in live and webinar formats - from clients such as Google to Apple leaders who led marketing strategy for Steve Jobs.

Click the "Buy" button to reserve your spot for $200 via PayPal and receive a bonus: lifetime access to both the Online Storytelling and upcoming Podcast Production courses.

The final step for registering after paying via PayPal is to enter your email address on the registration page ( to sign up for the first cohort and receive your first course materials soon.

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 Click the image below to register for the Californian Creativity Course and preview it here on the "Why take this course?" section: Elias Jabbe Californian Creativity Course for Online Storytelling Homepage Podcast Production Course Elias Jabbe Californian Creativity Course for Online Storytelling Podcast Production


2022 Curriculum - what #CaliCreativity Course students will learn in this self-paced 30-day course:

  • How to write content people share in all formats (Web Writing & Magazine Moments)
  • How to use new technologies like AI to find your target audience (Real-time Research)
  • How to strategically distribute your content to your target audience (Digital Distribution)
  • How to tell your story through impactful audio formats (Podcast Production / Promotion)
  • How to record high-quality video (360 / 4K UHD) that will stay relevant (Futuristic Filming)

About the #CaliCreativity course:

I am a Harvard Business School-cited creator of proven revenue-driving marketing communications content strategies for executive clients and high-growth international teams. This new course shares lessons from my revenue-raising storytelling and futuristic digital strategies I created after I was taught by New York Times digital editors, IDEO executive leaders and MIT Media Lab professors.

I built this 2022 course as a sequel to my previouslive educational series for Google For Startups to help every student grow their revenue and reach during the digital decade ahead. At a time when Covid-19 has forced everyone to adopt digital transformation, the key is to start somewhere: finding a good format to express yourself in.

This #CaliCreativity Course for Online Storytelling is part of my #StartSomewhere series based on what I learned during a digital decade (2010-2020) while taking my career from Los Angeles to Paris and Dubai by giving permission to myself while also learning how to read and write four languages. Elias Jabbe Magazine Moments SoCal Surfer West Coast Wavelength Venice Beach California Communicate Ad Age Campaign Podcast Report Digital Decade MIT Media Lab alum Borders CaliCreativity Elias Jabbe UWIRE 100 Award New York Times VP Ben French MIT Media Lab IDEO Executive Training SEO CAMP First American ever Paid Keynote Speaker France Tunisie 2015 CaliCreativityCourse SendFox Cali Creativity Chronicles Elias Jabbe PRWeek Power Book Top 1 Percent Google Client Global Revenue Workshop London First Californian Coast and West Coast native named to Power Book award in UK

In addition to strategies I used to raise revenue and reach for myself as an independent international consultant, I will share in the course various techniques I used to do the same for many others as a global ghostwriter and community builder.

Thanks for considering joining the first cohort of this new online Californian Creativity Course.

Enjoy free previews of how your Online Storytelling strategies can improve through this paid course by viewing my viral Web Writing featured on Page 1 of Google and Magazine Moments that have been cited and distributed to thousands of people attending industry-leading events.

* Writing portfolio: (350+ Magazine Moments / Web Writing examples)

* Technical portfolio: (My contribution to $5 billion-dollar Tech startup CSOD)


* Excellent reviews for my global #CaliCreativity Courses that I taught in English and French:

1) Paid courses in francophone world (my 2015 role as first American to speak at France's SEO Camp)

2) Paid courses in English-speaking world (my 2017 Google For Startups AstroLabs full-day Academy)

3) Live course (CSUN Latino Journalists Club) & webinar with billion-dollar startup studio eFounders Elias Jabbe California to Paris SEOcamp first American to ever speak at SEO Camp - France's leading Digital Marketing conference.jpg Elias Jabbe Github Steve Wozniak Apple Computer Cofounder San Jose Los Angeles California computers CSUN Latino Journalists CCNMA Cali Creativity Course Elias Jabbe 7.6 Million Subscribers LinkedIn That Expat Life Newsletter Reach Insightful Interviews LinkedIn Lessons Californian Creativity Course Elias Jabbe Magazine Moments SoCal Surf West Coast Wavelength Venice Beach California Communicate Ad Age Campaign Podcast Report Digital Decade MIT Borders CaliCreativityCourse

Digital Decade #1 (2010-2020): 2010-2020 Twitter account content has been created for Californian Creatives, Prolific Parisians and Dubai Digitalistes by @Elias213 in California (for @CSODFoundation, @LAPressClub, @LAGRANTFoundatn @USCPolymathy, @LAWebProsGroup / Adobe), in Paris (for @Lengow, @HUBInstitute, @Algolia, @SEMrush) and Dubai (for @TEDx event production leadership): 
 Elias Jabbe Recommendation 2014 at Google For Startups NUMA Schoolab Paris France Los Angeles Silicon Olivier Cotinat ESSEC Stanford Ecole Centrale UC Berkeley.jpg
Elias Jabbe Spanish Espanol Recommendation by EU Spain Ivan Castellano Cinematografico 2009 Prolific Parisian Honesta Responsable

In English -

"Elías utilized his marketing expertise and French-to-English translation skills to help several French startups gain international visibility and shared with them vital resources in the Silicon Beach Los Ángeles startup community, which he's a very well-connected member of." - Olivier Cotinat, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Schoolab Cofounder, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Stanford, ESSEC Paris, École Centrale Paris and UC Berkeley

In Spanish -

"En mi trabajo de realizador audiovisual, tuve el placer de contar con Elías como negociador frente a diferentes grupos de mass media en USA (New York). Gracias a sus conocimientos del mercado audiovisual y de las relaciones públicas Elías sabe como vender la esencia de un proyecto. Puedo decir de él que es una persona responsable, trabajadora y honesta." -Ivan Castellano, Realizador/Director Cinematográfico,


 "He's a responsible, hard-working and honest person."-Ivan Castellano, 2009 (English translation by


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